Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

A modern alternative to traditional timber-framed construction, SIPS function as the structural element for walls, roofs, and suspended floors. At SHELL Building Systems, our approach is to inform and provide owners, designers, and construction teams with sustainable solutions customized for each building structure. We aim to reduce the total cost of construction by applying smart return on investment, decreasing life cycle costs, and increasing profitability. Our solutions optimally exceed CalGreen building codes and Title 24 regulations, and significantly contribute to ‘Net Zero Energy’ consumption. SIPS are greatly advantageous for their properties including

  • Reduces Labor by 65% Plus
  • Water Resistance& Non-Toxic
  • Acoustic & Thermal Insulation
  • Fire and Termite Resistance
  • Eco-friendly and Efficient

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Contemporary building solutions for fit-for-purpose commercial properties that require reduced construction time and are cost-friendly, energy-efficient, and durable.

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Innovative home solutions where comfort, health, and energy conservation converge and result in suitable houses that stand stronger, straighter, and greener.

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Custom Modular

Prefabrication construction solutions that allow modular homes to be built in a factory and then assembled at the building site facilitating quicker turnaround times.

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Commercial And Multi-Family
SIPs Structure

SIPS are the present and the future of framing. For more than 40 years, SHELL Building Systems has provided SIPs design, engineering, fabrication, distribution, training and installation for high-performance residential and commercial properties all across the world. From the freezing winters of Far East Russia, the sweltering summers of Florida to ocean-front California, SIPs have withstood changing weather conditions and proven to be energy efficient and structurally superior.

SHELL Building Systems has successfully installed SIPs solutions for single-family homes, ADUs and multi-family structures including townhomes, duplexes, condominiums, large-scale apartment buildings and student housing. We have also worked on several commercial projects like corporate offices & retail spaces, hospitality accommodations, restaurants, learning centers, schools and daycares, health clubs and recreational centers, and government buildings.


Successful Projects


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What We Offer

SHELL Building Systems offers innovative construction solutions that use state-of-the-art building materials and a customized planning and development approach to fit the requirements of residential and commercial projects. We provide:

  • SIP Consultation
  • Cost Comparison Analysis
  • Consultant and Trade Assistance
  • SIP Design and Engineering
  • Pre-construction Meetings with GC & Subs
  • Third Party Installation, Rough Framing & General Contracting
  • Shop Drawing Reviews
  • Product Distribution and Receivership
  • On-site Technical & SIP Construction Management Support to General Contractor

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Green Builder 2020
Home of The Year Award

The Best of Green Building Palo Alto Apartment, CA

The Palo Alto Apartments green status starts with its six-inch SIPs, which SHELL Building Systems President Greg Koepf says are "the foundation for the project's efficiency and structural integrity."

From there, there is a micro-zoning high-efficiency HVAC system with heat pump, all LED high-efficiency lighting when needed the natural day variety is emphasized as much as possible high efficiency glazed windows, and video monitoring in common areas throughout the all-electric home.