SIPs homes are superior. For those considering constructing a single unit or multi-family residential property for personal, rental, or resale purposes, there are several benefits of using SIPs from the start of construction and throughout the life of the building. Over the years, SHELL Building Systems has provided customized construction solutions to homeowners looking to build state-of-the-art, cost-efficient, healthier and sustainable homes.


What We Offer in Sips-Residential

We have worked on projects including single and multi-family structures, duplexes, townhomes, condominiums, and large-scale apartment buildings. Using SIPs, we offer a large variety of design and architectural creativity that has sustained many different climatic conditions.

Residential properties built from SIPs systems create exceptional homes because they are structurally strong and superior in quality. The heavily insulated panels reduce heating and cooling costs. Less energy utilization has a better impact on the environment. Also, tighter insulation, bigger panels, and fewer joints result in air infiltration minimization, better indoor air quality, and healthier home environments. The one step framing, sheathing, and insulating process mean that SIPs offer a quick turnaround time so the property is ready for personal, rental, or commercial resale use much faster. The residential properties also exceed compliance with local and international building codes.