SIPs commercial buildings are exceptional. For those looking to build a corporate office, an educational institute, or a government building, there are advantages of using SIPs over other construction options available. SHELL Building Systems have used SIPs to provide a proven prefabricated building method that not only offers strong engineering values but also speeds up construction and complies with the toughest building codes.


What We Offer In Sips-Commercial

We have worked on commercial properties including supermarkets and strip malls, office facilities, schools, recreational and healthcare centers and public buildings. Using SIPs, we offer design flexibility for architects and sustainable, healthier, and cost-effective solutions for property owners.

Commercial buildings using SIPs are an investment in quality with long-term value. The prefabricated SIPs include sheathing, insulation, electrical chases, and framing in each panel. This speed construction can significantly reduce labor costs and build time. Buildings can be readied and open for business sooner resulting in faster returns on investment. The well insulated and well ventilated offerings also make for a healthier indoor environment which is important for education and healthcare projects. SIPs reduce long-run operational costs for businesses by offering up to 60% savings in heating & cooling expenses. Buildings constructed using SIPs are a regular part of net-zero energy projects as well as those seeking green credentialing.